About Us

~Our CEO and Inspiration, Elyse Arvella @elysearvella on Instagram~


I’ve always loved everything pink, sparkly and girly. With a love for every color in the rainbow 🌈 and a huge passion to design and sell the prettiest pieces, I’ve always known I’d start my own fashion brand. 

This is not my first rodeo! I've actually started multiple businesses in the retail industry. My very first venture was at 12 years old where I made bracelets and sourced a sterling silver jewelry vendor to sell these products at church events and other family friendly festivals in and around Atlanta,GA.

I originally started the Elyse Arvella brand the summer after I graduated high school. I ran the e-commerce site for 3 years before I decided to shift my focus on school and bills and a shitty relationship and I knew eventually I would always start the brand back up. I just never knew I would consider boot strapping my brand again in such a short period of time but I am very happy I am.

Fashion is my passion SERIOUSLY I love designs, patterns, fabric, buttons, I love dye, thrifting, high end goods. I love it all. That's why I am continuously pursuing an education in fashion merchandising and marketing.


I believe there needs to be WAY more main stream designers who are of African decent. Whose ancestors were forced away from their communities and brought somewhere they were unwanted and most importantly set back in many aspects of life. Yet WE are who everyone looks at for inspiration for their "New big idea". 


Why we don't use a the traditional size chart:

How many of us actually know our exact measurements? Not many consumers usually know their exact measurements unless you are obsessed with finding the perfect fit like we are.

At Elyse Arvella we specifically show our customers many models of different body types in the items we sell. With the help of our lovely friends and other aspiring models in Atlanta,GA who take time out of their busy schedules to help us provide amazing imagery for you all to have a better vision of how you would look in our products.

Additionally, every item we sell has stretch, it's no way around that for bodacious women!